Bride-to-be Blogger Kristy: Families’ New Arrivals Make Us So Excited For Our Future!

Bride-to-be Blogger Kristy: Families’ New Arrivals Make Us So Excited For Our Future!

Kristy and Eric with their new nephew and niece!

This week, it was very easy for Eric and I to find joy in the little things. For weeks we’ve been feeling the pressure of anticipated responsibilities—but now that they’ve been thrown into our lives, they’ve brought us nothing but happiness.

The titles aunt and uncle were added to our list this past week when two (yes, I said two) little babies safely entered our lives. Two very little, adorable, and perfect people have stolen our hearts and what little extra attention we had to give. And now, we spend our days disregarding wedding planning, instead rocking our niece or nephew to sleep, or just sitting, stunned and in awe of their cuteness.

I’ll be honest, I’ve never felt a love like this before; to see the joy of my sister and her husband, and their family and friends in celebration of the safe arrival of a bundle of joy. It’s truly an amazing experience and we are still feeling complete shock and joy. Tyler William made an early arrival Sunday morning, blessing my sister and her husband with a healthy little boy sporting light hair and a button nose. Evelyn Ruth joined us just two days later—a slightly delayed arrival, but then again, what lady doesn’t like to be fashionably late? She blessed Eric’s brother and sister-in-law, arriving with a full head of dark hair and a shocking resemblance to Eric as a baby. We spent the beginning of our week visiting the new arrivals, holding and staring at them for as long as we could.

When we found out both couples were expecting months ago, I don’t think Eric and I anticipated the amount of happiness they would fill our lives with. But here they are, just a few days old, and they already have us wrapped around their little baby fingers. If our wedding day ends up giving us half the amount of love and joy that we just experienced, it’s going to be a remarkable day! Now if only Tyler and Evie could be walking by June 29th, they’d make a great addition to the wedding party!

Did you have any additions to your life or impactful experiences during wedding planning that excited you for your future?

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