Here Are the Best Credit Cards to Use For Paying Off Your Wedding

Here Are the Best Credit Cards to Use For Paying Off Your Wedding


We saw a great article on HuffPo this week that we thought a lot of brides would do well to see, even though it covers a subject far less fun than coming up with personalized cocktails or finding the perfect shade of hydrangea: your wedding finances. (Yay!)

Seriously, though, this is actually really helpful. The article is talking specifically about wedding-related expenses that you might be forking over your plastic for—and even more specifically, what plastic you should be forking over, depending on your monetary needs and goals. From cash-back cards and ones that’ll help you pay for the honeymoon with travel rewards to the best cards to use if you want to transfer your whole balance while you work on paying it all off, it’s all broken down, with recommendations given for each.

Like we said, we know it’s not the most fun—but if do all this wedding-buying smartly, it’ll really pay off (ha!) in the end. Just take a minute to put a plan in place, and then reward yourselves afterwards with one of those personalized cocktails.

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