Bride-to-be Blogger Carly: I Finally Got My Wedding Shoes! (With a Little Help From Mom)

Bride-to-be Blogger Carly: I Finally Got My Wedding Shoes! (With a Little Help From Mom)


Well, ladies, I did it! (Or, I sort of did it, chickened out, and then my mom did it for me). Either way, I am now in the possession of my wedding shoes! (Even if I did kick and scream all the way to the register). {Ed Note: In case you do not recall, Carly is afflicted with a disturbing and inexplicable disdain for shoe shopping. Read about it here.}

Last weekend, my mom and I scoured the King of Prussia mall searching for the least mother-of-the bride-looking dress for the mother of this bride.  We visited each department store and some specialty stores as well, looking for her perfect dress. The tricky part was finding something that wasn’t super matronly (I have a hot mom!) but was still tasteful and not a bridesmaid dress. This charge was harder than it might sound, and my mom tried on quite a few dresses. In the end, though, we left the mall with two great contenders that she can decide between in the next three months (at no penalty so long as all tags are attached).

While we were at the mall, we decided that I should browse for my wedding shoes (yuck). As I mentioned before, I detest shoe shopping and am not afraid to admit it. My mom, on the other hand, loves shoes, so she encouraged me to look around. Part of the problem is I don’t really know what I want. I decided that I don’t want white, but was still iffy as to whether I wanted to go with mint (my bridesmaid dress color) or silver (I just love the sparkle!). I was hoping that putting the shoes on would help make my decision easier, but I was wrong.

There were two shoes that caught my eye in Macy’s, one mint and one sparkly-silver. I handed both to the salesman and waited for my size eights to appear. I took off my boots in anticipation and realized that my feet were in no condition to be trying on wedding shoes. I looked at my feet in horror, trying to wrack my brain as to why I haven’t gotten a pedi (or at least a polish change, for crying out loud) in months.  So, there I stood, chipped-polish toes, trying to pick the shoes I’m going to wear on this day I’ve dreamed of (and planned for) for so long. And, as princessy as it sounds, I just couldn’t pick a pair because I just wasn’t feeling in the right state of feet to do so.  (I’m admitting this to you, my readers, because I think it’s important to share how ridiculous and nutso wedding planning can make you!) So, I told my mom I needed to think it over and ushered her out to look at more MOB dresses.

I conveniently forgot to make a decision and, as we finally left the mall, my mom said, “What about shoes?!?”

“I just can’t.” I told her, “I’ll figure it out later.”

Well, my mom was not taking “later” as an answer, not when we have dresses to hem. (No, I haven’t visited a tailor yet. Yes, I know I’m cutting it close!) Two days later, my mom sent me a picture message of the sparkly-silver shoe letting me know that she’d found them in my size at another mall, and was taking them home with her.

I don’t think I’ve been too difficult in this whole wedding-planning process, but I was being extremely indecisive about the shoes. Thanks, Mom, for recognizing that I was very close to being shoeless at my wedding, and just taking care of business.

Anyone else having trouble with one little aspect of their wedding-day look? Something you’re just not into or keep procrastinating?

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