Bride-to-be Blogger Kristy: Hammering Out the Details: Menu Selected, Dress Fitted, Wedding Hair Style Decided!

Bride-to-be Blogger Kristy: Hammering Out the Details: Menu Selected, Dress Fitted, Wedding Hair Style Decided!


Finally this week, we got down to some details! It’s my professional and personal preference: I love the knitty gritty details. It was a wedding-packed week, but I was excited to start some new tasks and cross a few more off our ever-growing to-do list. With that being said, I’d love to share with you how we made some tough decisions, easily and stress free.

First things first: We sat down with Donald Conner of Conner Catering this past week, and finalized our menu selection, linen selection, time frame of events, and discussed other planning-related topics. In preparation for our meeting, we had marked off our preferred hors d’oeuvres and picked out a few salads and sides that interested us, but left the final decision up to complement our main entree, the narrowed-down list of which (we decided on a chicken and a fish) we presented to Donald at our meeting. We wanted his opinion on everything, since he is much more familiar with each selection on his menu and how they compliment each other. He also allowed us to adjust and customize choices, like combining certain elements of one salad with another or eliminating a spice in a dish we didn’t prefer. We ended up with a lovely summer selection that we are satisfied with and can’t wait to enjoy!

Next, I went for my first dress fitting. I know, I know, I still have plenty of time—but I don’t plan on gaining or losing weight, and an initial fitting will allow for just small tweaking a few weeks before the wedding. I’m so glad I chose an earlier fitting, because I was able to evaluate my accessories and see if my vision was what I hoped for. Months ago, I snagged a pair of earrings from Scarlett Alley while browsing with my bride-to-be friend (and now married lady). My heels were randomly found online because I had a limit on my heel height (since my dress length can’t be altered dramatically due to a fabric overlay). This, again, was months ago but I fell in love with them and purchased them immediately. See everything together was exciting but I was still missing something: my hair!

Well, a few days later I met with my hairdresser, a long time friend, and we sat in her salon with numerous printouts of hairstyles and my dress and started planning my wedding-day style. This continued into a discussion of veil or no veil; short; birdcage; elbow; fingertip; waltz; cathedral; or take another route with a hairpiece? We’ve done some research and think we found a happy mediam between the veil and hairpiece options that will compliment my dress perfectly. You just might have to wait until the wedding to see it, though, sorry!

This week was definitely packed with wedding details, but these decisions were easy and exciting. I think my excitement level continues to increase, and with a little over four months to go until the Big Day, I’m looking forward to the future as a Mrs.!

What are some details in your menu or wedding-day look that you love? What was or will be the best small detail at your wedding?

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