New TLC Show Follows Brides Choosing Between Heirloom and New Wedding Gowns

It's called Something Borrowed, Something New.

TLC is adding another bridal show to its Friday lineup of the network’s other 427 million bridal shows. (Somewhere your DVR just yelled, “Put me in, coach!”) It’s called Something Borrowed, Something New, and it’ll air for the first time this Friday, February 8, at 10pm.

Here’s the gist: In it, brides will be faced with two hosts/stylists and once big choice: Do they (beautifully) rework a vintage/heirloom gown from someone in their family with co-host and fashion designer Kelly Nishimoto? (Someone in their family who will probably always be looking on in the shot with tear-filled eyes as the bride hems and haws over her choice?) Or do they go for a new, designer gown plucked from a modern bridal salon with the help of cohost and stylist-to-the-stars (Jennifer Aniston! Sarah Jessica Parker!) Sam Saboura?

The ensuing emotional hand-wringing, ladies, is what the episode is all about. Us? Can’t wait. Here’s a preview below for an even better gist. DVRs ready …. set … GO.

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