Bride-to-be Blogger Stephanie: My Bridesmaids’ Dresses are Here!

Bride-to-be Blogger Stephanie: My Bridesmaids’ Dresses are Here!


“Hi Stephanie, I’m just calling to let you know your bridesmaid dresses have come in, and you can pick them up whenever you’re ready.”

This was the message I received on Wednesday afternoon, and it brought a huge smile to my face. I never expected them to be in so early. What a truly pleasant surprise.

One Stop Wedding Shoppe had called me nearly a month ago to let me know that the dress fabric swatch had arrived, but I rather pathetically couldn’t seem to find a time to pick it up. Working until at least 7:30 every night, I could never make it before closing, and I’ve been traveling back and forth so much to DC on the weekends. I had planned on going to pick up the swatch that night, and now, I could pick up the dresses as well—totally unexpected efficiency!

I was undoubtedly nervous as I drove to the shop: Was I going to like the color and dress combination? I hadn’t seen the dress yet in the color I chose. I selected it based on another dress. Did I order the right sizes? What if I hated the dresses? What the heck would I do then?

Questions and doubt were streaming through my mind at such a rapid pace, which is likely why I missed the turn I needed to make. I began to worry I wasn’t going to make it before closing yet again, but I arrived in the parking lot with just 15 minutes to spare.

When I walked through the door, Sue immediately recognized me and set off to grab the dresses. At first sight of seeing them hanging on the wall, I thought to myself, “Thank God. I think I made the right decision.” A huge relief. The color, which I was most concerned about, was gorgeous.

“This was a really good choice,” said Sue as she rang me up at the counter.

She helped me carry them out to my car, and soon enough, I was excitedly dialing my mom to let her that they had arrived and they were beautiful. I’ve found that my excitement level during this planning process can be totally quashed if it’s not matched. Fortunately, my mom was equally thrilled. I then eagerly called Pat and my sister Victoria to share the exciting, non-stressful wedding planning news.

Later that night—well, as soon as I got the chance—I asked my sister to try on the dress. The anxiety kicked right back in. It looked beautiful on the hangar, but what if it looked awful on?

When Victoria stood before me, relief consumed me once again. She looked stunning. The dress is so elegant yet modern. The chiffon has such a beautiful, flowing movement to it that I think will look gorgeous for our outdoor ceremony and on the dance floor. The sweetheart neckline is really flattering, as is the draped and rouched back. Beyond the color, it’s kind of exactly what I envisioned. Remarkable.

I think the color of the dress—a very deep pink—still has me slightly hesitant, which I think is largely due to the fact that I had originally wanted and planned on purple. But it’s such a rich and vibrant color, seemingly quite appropriate for a summer wedding, and so far, the feedback has been excellent. It’s the color that everyone seems to be calling out as their favorite part.

I got to show my mom the dress in person last night, and she completely adores it. She gasped when she saw it, remarking how perfect she thinks it is. Victory! I feel triumphantly happy. She likes it! We both like it!

Next, I have to figure out how to get the dresses to my bridesmaids scattered across the world, hope and pray alterations will not be challenging and expensive for them, and consider what shoes and jewelry might look best with the dress. But in the meantime, I’m thrilled to have the dresses so soon and quite confident that seven of the most important women in my life are going to look absolutely beautiful on the day of my wedding.

Were you nervous you wouldn’t love your bridesmaids’ dresses when they arrived as much as when you picked them out? Did you?

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