Bride-to-be Blogger Stephanie: Figuring Out Our Honeymoon

Bride-to-be Blogger Stephanie: Figuring Out Our Honeymoon


Pat and I have had the incredible fortune of getting to travel the world quite a bit. Through our study abroad program Semester at Sea, we traveled to 13 different countries on four different continents. It was the best experience of my life, and has very much shaped the person I am today. I loved exploring different terrain, climates, cultures, religions and governments. And for the most part, the more different they were from what I’m accustomed to, the more I enjoyed my time in that country.

Pat and I are hoping to take off as much time as we can/that our jobs will allow for our honeymoon, and why not use that time to go somewhere really unique across the globe and continue exploring? While we could likely take a weekend trip to Mexico in the future, a quick excursion to Bali will likely prove far more difficult.

Yet as many brides have pointed out to me, one important purpose of the honeymoon is to relax, which I am very much looking forward to. And in order to do that, Pat and I likely have to steer clear of a city/country with substantial sightseeing. We once traveled to Rome and Venice, and we crammed every waking moment of our days with visits to the cities’ most essential landmarks. My feet, I think, are still throbbing from the miles logged on the cobblestones. While we were rather efficient and thoroughly enjoyed our trip, there was no relaxation to speak of.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, while I can blissfully lounge on a beach all day reading, after 20 minutes or so of lying in the sun, Pat’s bored out of his mind. And more than a couple of days of being a pure beach bum would likely incite a similar sense of boredom in me—or, rather, guilt over a lack of productivity. I’ve been warned that a honeymoon to a merely beach destination can result in such feelings.

I think we’re searching for the perfect balance of the two: relaxation and activity. Not to mention, Pat and I went to school in Miami. We love warm weather. So we’re definitely envisioning sand, clear blue waters, and lots of sun.

One potential idea: Seychelles, a group of islands off the coast of Madagascar: beautiful, exotic beaches, gorgeous resorts, fascinating wildlife, opportunities to snorkel and hike. And depending on flight arrangements, maybe we could visit another African country on the way there or back; maybe a safari! That’s the only idea I’ve started to flesh out thus far.

I’d love to hear if you guys have any suggestions! Where have you vacationed that you’ve adored? Where did you go on your honeymoon? Are there any destinations you definitely wouldn’t recommend?

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