Bridal Diet: The 8 Tools You Need For a Healthy Kitchen

Bridal Diet: The 8 Tools You Need For a Healthy Kitchen


During this time in your life when you are trying your darndest to eat healthy and get fit and trim in order to rock that dress, we know that that doesn’t just mean eating out less—or, at least being conscious about what you order whenever you do go out. It also means that you are trying to cook and eat in the most healthy ways possible at home, and who couldn’t use a few tips when it comes to that big goal?

That’s why we’re sharing this helpful roundup from Be Well Philly on the eight kitchen tools you should have stocked in your home in order to help you stay on the straight and narrow. (Like, you know, a food scale, because who among us can successfully eyeball an ounce of sharp cheddar? The eyes see what they want to see in this case, I’m afraid.)

It’s a great list to have on hand as you keep on keeping on with that get-dress-ready plan. Is there anything not on here that you have found to be a really helpful tool when it comes to cooking and eating healthy? Share, please!

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