Bride-to-be Blogger Kristy: Selecting Our Reception Menu and Big Day Details

Bride-to-be Blogger Kristy: Selecting Our Reception Menu and Big Day Details

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Decisions, decisions, decisions … We met with our caterer this past weekend to discuss the details of our wedding. I’m not sure if I’ve ever made that many decisions in one day, and yet, nothing is finalized!

We set up an appointment with our caterer Conner Catering, to hash out some major and minor details. Plus, we had a few questions, mainly concerning cost and logistics. When we decided to have our wedding at The Old Mill, we knew a general price range per person, but it was making our budget and us a little on edge not having a specific number to calculate overall expenses. The difference of $10 a person could determine whether we were going to splurge on centerpieces, or try to tackle them on our own.

So during our meeting, we got down to business, finalizing our ceremony time and discussing how we’d transition into cocktail hour, and then dinner and dancing. Then, we talked money, which is never easy, but I’ll admit that it was pretty painless. I realized how much faith you put into a caterer; without having personally witnessed their service, it can all make you feel a bit uneasy. But between the words of praise from co-workers who recently attended a wedding at The Old Mill and reading the positive reviews online, I am started to feel at ease.

We decided to eliminate things like a cheese or crudités table during cocktail hour, and push hors d’oeuvres to encourage socializing, eliminate the waste of food, and oh, and keep our costs within a reasonable price range. This is one of many areas where you need your service to be attentive—without it, you could be left with hungry, and possibly unhappy guests, to start the night.

With the schedule and menu generally selected, we moved on to details: the chair selection for the ceremony, layout of high tops and low tables, chairs, bar location for cocktail hour, selection for chairs, plates, and place settings for dinner, and the decisions kept coming. And after a few deep breathes, I think Donald Conner understood our feelings of being overwhelmed and reminded us that decisions did not need to be made that day. Whew! Thank goodness.

So, his advice: take our time, review the decisions that need to be made, and call him after the New Year. We left with our heads spinning a bit, and a list of decisions to be made, but also feeling a little relieved that things are starting to come together.

Now onto more decisions—will the lists ever end? But more importantly, how great will the day be when the lists end?

Did you have a difficult time deciding on your menu?  What helped regulate your decision, your taste, style, or cost?


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