Bride-to-be Blogger Kristy: Finding My Fitness Motivation

Bride-to-be Blogger Kristy: Finding My Fitness Motivation


Thanksgiving kicks off the holiday weeks that lie ahead, and with the constant health magazines glaring back at me in the grocery store line, I’m getting a bit uneasy.

If you come from a family like mine, holidays come with lots of food. Celebrating with family and sharing a meal or two is tradition in my household. I’ve always been known as a “skinny” or “tiny” girl; it’s just my genetics (did you see the picture of my dad and I from our birthdays?). But like any other woman, I have my guilty pleasures—the bowl of ice cream, the second helpings, and watching reruns instead of running. Just a few weeks ago, I was thinking of the holidays, and with my wedding dress on its way I knew I needed to motivate myself to start a workout routine again.

Typically, I need motivation when it comes to exercise, like signing up for a 5k run or 50-mile bike ride, but I thought the wedding itself would be enough. But as the warm months passed, my motivation was lacking, so I was happy when I stumbled upon something to get me going: I was reading an article a friend of mine pinned through Pintrest, and it included a video of this amazing personal trainer, Lauren Hefez. She was energetic, funny, and seriously motivating. She targets bride-to-be areas like the back and arms, and all her videos are done in her living room, reminding you that you can work out just about anywhere. She also blogs about healthy eating, and offers healthy recipes in her funny posts.

I’ve been trying to incorporate her workouts into my daily routines, and I’ll admit, they help blow off steam and get my booty in motion! I still think feeling my best on my wedding day is plenty of motivation to avoid growing a winter coat this year, but a little extra motivation never hurt!

What motivated you to feel your best on your wedding day? Do any other blogs, videos, or friends help continue to keep you motivated through the winter and holidays?


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