Downton Abbey 1920s Wedding Inspiration (Spoiler Photos Included!)


We don’t know about you, readers, but many of us around our office cannot flipping wait until the next season of Downton Abbey. There are many reasons why, of course, but among the most important of them: Mary and Matthew’s wedding!

Now, we’re a little torn, having seen these photos: On one hand, I may have personally chosen to not see anything until we here in the good old US get to watch the newest season, starting this winter. On the other: EEEEEEEEEE! Mary and Matthew’s wedding!

From these few photos, I am ready to declare just from the dress, hair and headpiece/veil—love, love, love the leaves—alone that her look is 1920s perfection. Even Edith looks fab! (Sorry, Edith.)

It’s especially good timing, because we’ve really been seeing a lot of the whole flapper/1920s fashion trend-thing work its way into wedding fashions, which we’re really into. And with The Great Gatsby coming out next year, we’re hoping it’s here to stay for a little while.

Do you love the Crawley sisters’ looks? How about the whole 1920s look?

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