5 Tips For Choosing Your Dress-Shopping Entourage

5 Tips For Choosing Your Dress-Shopping Entourage


Do you ever watch any of those millions of shows like TLC’S Say Yes to the Dress (either the Kleinfeld or the Atlanta version) and find yourself screaming on your couch at the poor bride’s dress-shopping entourage? Either because they’re picking out dresses for her to try on that they like even if they’re the opposite of what she has very clearly stated she wants; they’re pressuring her to try on a dress she can’t begin to afford; they make faces at every single one she comes out in, regardless as to how excited she may seem or ooh and ahh at a gown long after the bride has made it clear that she is not the least bit interested in it; they just generally suck so much you can’t even begin to fathom that these are supposedly the women who are closest to this girl? I know it can’t be just me. Heck, I sometimes even get worked up when I hear a bride I know tell me a story of someone raining on her dress-shopping parade.

This is not to say that I think a bride’s dress-shopping entourage should be all unconditionally rah rah rah all the time. They should certainly be honest, especially, my goodness, if something isn’t flattering—but there is a way to do that and be supportive at the same time. But for the love of Pete, they need to remember that nothing about their loved one’s gown or gown-shopping is about them.

Our bridal bloggers who have found their dresses already have offered their wisdom on the subject of the dress-shopping entourage—Carly reminded brides to bring people who are supportive, and found that she even really loved having her father along on one of her outings, and Stephanie, after many outings, declared a small entourage as definitely the way to go—and then today, I read more good stuff on HuffPo about the qualities you should consider when selecting those lovely people who will come with you as you look for your gown.

So read this, brides, and take note! She or they should be supportive, honest and encouraging, and truly, truly know you. Please, please, please do not end up being one of those brides whose people take the wind out of her sails, or, God forbid, make her cry. Please please.

And of course, happy shopping!

Anyone else have any tips concerning a bride’s shopping entourage after having done the gown search themselves? Please share! It’s an important subject!

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