Bridal Diet: 7 Healthy Quick-Lunch Spots In Philly And The ‘Burbs

Bridal Diet: 7 Healthy Quick-Lunch Spots In Philly And The 'Burbs


Everyone knows that the best, most guaranteed way to stay on a diet—especially one as serious as a get-dress-ready bridal diet—is to personally control everything you eat. This usually means less eating out—and, when it comes to workday lunches, lots and lots of packing.

But packing is hard.

You’ve got to plan and grocery shop and make the stuff and package it and—this is often what trips us up—remember to get it out of the fridge in the morning when you are less than awake.

This is all well and good—when you can get it done. But for those days/weeks when this sort of organization just isn’t going to happen, you’re going to have to go grab food in the middle of the day, and on those days, wouldn’t it be nice to have places in your arsenal where you can get things other than a bowl of lettuce?

This is why we love this Be Well Philly guide to healthy lunch spots in town and the ‘burbs. And are happy to brag that we can actually walk to every single one of the Center City ones.

So go, eat, enjoy, and still rock that dress.

Any other healthy lunch spots around here you love? Fill us in!

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