Bride-to-be Blogger Kristy: Having a Moment of Gratitude

Kristy and her dad, celebrating their joint birthdays this past weekend.

This past Friday started the Schultz birthday train: three birthdays in four days. So not only did I share every item of clothing with my sisters growing up, I also share a birthday weekend with my dad and sister, Jenny. Every year we share a cake, somehow squeezing three names on it, and a birthday bash.

Maybe this would bother some people, but I really appreciate sharing my birthday with two very special people in my life. Even though my parents may not have thought it of me when I was a young child, I actually enjoy sharing. Granted, sharing my Barbie dolls may have been difficult when I was six, but sharing a momentous day has been easier with the years.

After a relaxing weekend at the beach with friends and family, Eric and I ended up at my parent’s house for dinner, cake, and presents. The whole weekend was humbling: that friends would give up their hectic, filled weekend to celebrate; that your family gives you extra special cards and gifts; and that you celebrate another year of life. Everyone kept reminding me that this was just the beginning of an extra special year to come. I’m honestly humbled and excited for these next months. I’ll marry the love of my life next June and to top it off, I’ll have our closest family and friends to celebrate this moment. It literally makes me smile from ear to ear just thinking about the Big Day.

Celebrating a momentous occasion such as a birthday and acknowledging the people who celebrate with me made me think of how excited I am to celebrate our wedding day with all our guests. There are a lot of things that I’ll appreciate on our wedding day, but being surrounded by people that shaped Eric and I into the people we are today, people that supported us both individually and as a couple, and those that challenged us and kept us growing, will all be with us on June 29th (physically or in spirit).

This week, I am having a moment of gratitude, months before the Big Day. And on that day, we want every guest to know how special his or her presence at our wedding means to us. I’m starting to think of a few ideas for pampering our guests, but overall, I think it’s nice to emphasize their influence my and Eric’s life together. So all the time-consuming tasks, late nights organizing wedding essentials, and stress pre-wedding will all be worth it when I get to smile, hug, and thank everyone who made our wedding day possible. Maybe this week doesn’t offer glamorous bridal tips or share with you a great wedding vendor, but I hope it offers a little serenity in the mayhem of wedding planning.

Is there something special you’re planning for your guests on your wedding day? Or something you did at your wedding that they appreciated? What is it?

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