Trend: Morning-After Wedding Photography

Would you have a photog come capture these intimate moments?

Ok, brides and photographers, we’re going to need you to speak up here: Is this really becoming a thing?

Apparently, this is what’s happening: Couples are hiring their photographers to come back the morning after the wedding in order to photograph them in the throes of their very-first-morning-as-husband-and-wife love. They’re bedroom pics, basically. Underwear, sheets, sultriness, and all that jazz.

Now, we can only imagine that what really happens is that these couples wake up, shower, groom for a long time and then put on the most amazing underthings ever that they most likely bought explicitly for the purpose of the shoot and probably didn’t even wear the night before, because if not, sounds more to us like they’d be photographed in the throes of morning breath and bed head, but either way, the idea is that the photog would capture these very first intimate moments, and that they’d be lovely.

Watch the video (ha, and maybe even read this piece from Jezebel on this phenomenon), and then tell us what you think (as a bride, as a photog, as a human person): Is this really going to become a thing? Would you do it? Have you heard of it being done? Please just tell us anything you know. Thanks.

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