The Most Cliche Wedding Photo Taken in Philadelphia

The Most Cliche Wedding Photo Taken in Philadelphia


Today, we chuckled through this slideshow on HuffPo rounding up the 10 most cliche wedding photos (some of which—gorg dress lifted up to show gorg shoes, when taken by a fab photog!—we actually admittedly enjoy, some of which—the bride and groom making a heart with their fingers, barf—not so much), and it got us thinking: What’s the most cliche wedding photo taken in the lovely city of Philadelphia?

A very formal and scientific poll taken of, well, myself, and seven of my dear female co-workers revealed these results (and no, we’re not that bad at math, some people weighed in with two votes, and that worked for our science):

Two votes for the Art Museum steps: “I run up and down them on Saturdays sometimes and I am constantly dodging tipsy bridesmaids.”

Four votes for LOVE Park: “But LOVE Park is gross. I’d never drag a wedding dress there.”

Five votes for balancing on the median in the middle of Broad Street, with City Hall in the background: “Though that is a very pretty shot.”

Broad Street/City Hall FTW!

(Personally, I also think Broad Street. Everyone does it, yes—but it’s just gotta be done. It’s a rule. And it is a pretty shot.)

What do you think? Did we miss an important one?




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