Why You Should Use Natural Beauty Products


Our buddies over at Be Well Philly recently posted a piece about makeup and beauty products that caught our attention—and since what they’re talking about affects every single one of us ladies who have ever so much as swiped a mascara wand, we thought we’d share it.

To give you an idea of what it’s about, we think it’s this little tidbit that did it for us: The average woman soaks up nearly five pounds of chemicals from her beauty products each year. (O.M.G.)

The article goes on to give a few other scary statistics like that, making the case for why using as many natural makeup and beauty products as possible is probably a good idea. And during this time in your life when that red-circled date on the calendar is motivating you to get as healthy and fabulous as possible, maybe now is the time to make the switch.

Be Well even gives us a few recs for natural lines—but you could also ask the pro doing your makeup for the Big Day if they’ve got any they like. Check out the whole piece here.

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