Best Man Spoofs “I’m On A Boat” With His “I’m In A Wedding” Music-Video Speech

Ok, so this is maybe a little more (bleeped) f-bomby than we tend to get here on BB, but we think it’s worth it!

A video of Jarrett Juran, who was best man at his brother’s recent Harrisburg wedding, is going viral—and we have to admit, we gave it a few clicks ourselves. For his best man speech, he presented a clip of himself and the other groomsmen in a music video entitled “I’m In A Wedding,” spoofing The Lonely Island’s “I’m On A Boat,” which originally appeared on SNL.

Luckily (and smartly), according to the Huffington Post, Juran also put a very touching video together for his brother and new sister-in-law of photos and the like from their childhood. Apparently, both videos were a hit. Check it out and see what you think. Would you die if the best man at your wedding did something like this? Or would you love it?

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