VIDEO: Bride Sings To Her Groom During Most Awkward Walk Down The Aisle Ever

Last week, I had a Instant Message conversation with my lovely colleague and Diary of a Marriage blogger Emily Goulet that went something like this:

Me: Hey, can you watch this video for me and tell me if it’s a fun post? It keeps popping up but it sounds way too awkward for me to handle, I don’t think I can watch it.

EG: OMG. No. Don’t post. It’s too much. Don’t even.

So, I didn’t. I mean, awkward is fun, but there’s something that’s beyond awkward that’s just, well, not, anymore.

Cut to this afternoon, and the video is still popping up all over the place. Here we go again:

Me: Is this the same singing bride video from last week that I couldn’t watch?

EG: OMG, yes. Dude. You need to watch it.

Me: I started it, but I can’t. I just can’t.

EG: You need to.

Me {reluctantly, after a pause}: He’s walking towards her!

EG: Yes. Yes, he does that. He wants to hold her hand, but she’s too focused on the mic in her hand.

Me: Now they’re both walking up!

EG: And she continues!

And, well, on like that. Watch the video. Wonder, along with us, why this couldn’t have maybe waited until the reception. IM it to your coworkers. Narrate it to each other. Enjoy this little afternoon break on us.

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