Rittenhouse Linen Boutique Kellijane Offers New Bridal Registry

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When thinking about your bridal registry, your mind probably wanders—no, frolics—through never-ending aisles in big-box stores filled with kitchenware, china, silver, and basically anything else you and your groom could dream of for your new life together. But before the feverish scanning begins, stop a minute and think outside the breadbox: Wherever you can go, the boutique route!

Well-loved Rittenhouse luxury linen shop Kellijane has unveiled a new registry system courtesy of co-owners Kelly Monk and Pamela Diaconis, who had one goal in mind when they created it: personalization.

From mixing and matching from hard-to-find European brands such as Missoni, Bella Notte, Matteo—and their exciting new addition, The Pillow Bar—and their range of eco-friendly and hypo-allergenic lines, to scooping up a few of the ever popular pillow covers that read “Never Go to Bed Angry,” and “Always Kiss Me Goodnight,” they will help you create a home that really does reflect you and your groom. (Also keep your eye out for great ‘maids’ gifts, like bath products and travel pillows that can be embroidered with each lady’s name and the saying “Friends Are Forever.”)

Once your registry is created after your meeting, Kelly and Pamela will personally assist each of your guests either in-store or by phone to ensure you’re getting exactly what you want on your Big Day. “We like to get intimately involved with each registry and since there are only two of us, we are able to do that,” Pamela says. Kellijane, 1721 Spruce Street, 215-790-0233.



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