Bride-to-be Blogger Alyse: Hunting Down RSVPs


This past week has revolved around getting the RSVP cards back and all of the related tasks that go along with them. What are the related tasks you ask? Well, a big one is tracking down all of those guests who failed to respond. The reasons range from “I never got the invitation,” (also known as “I don’t check my mail”) to “You know I’m coming, do I really need to send the response?” I resist the urge to say things like “YES! That is why I sent it!” or “No, but can I have that stamp back?” or “Fine, you can just tell me what your meal choice is, but it is going to be difficult to make a scrap book out of verbal responses.”

But because we are officially in the time period before the wedding when no time or energy can be spent on worrying about other’s RSVP etiquette, I just accept the verbal responses.  Time to move on to those other related tasks—like seating charts, escort cards and organizing meal choices.

What seems like an eternity ago, my mom insisted that the RSVP cards be sent to her in Philly instead of me in New York. At first I resisted, because I wanted to get all of that exciting mail, but I feel like I really dodged a bullet with that one. She has been recording the responses, filling in their meal choices and giving me a bi-weekly status report. There is something about people actually committing to coming to your wedding, on a certain date, at a certain time, that makes it all very real. I mean, they said they’d be there, so its’ actually happening!

On Saturday I’ll (hopefully) be making some progress on the escort cards, which I am making myself. My mom is going to check out two events—one at the church and one at the venue—to finalize our decor ideas. On Sunday, we will celebrate Father’s Day with both sets of parents, but since no free moment can be completely wedding-free, they will be bringing us our gifts from the second shower and suitcases to pack for the honeymoon! Honeymoon packing definitely makes the Big Day seem very close.

How did you handle response cards? Did you have to hunt people down?


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