Bride-to-be Blogger Alyse: My First Dress Fitting


After a few weeks of only focusing on minor details, I jam-packed this past weekend with some big wedding activities: On Friday I had my first dress fitting, and then on Saturday I had my shower. Good thing I had things to keep me distracted, because while I had a very girly weekend, Kevin was at his bachelor party.

My dress fitting was at Mark Ingram in New York, where I bought my dress. I am glad I considered location when I went searching for a dress, because with how busy things have been recently, it would have been a challenge to travel for my three fittings. This time, it was my mom and my sister who did the traveling to join me at the fitting. My original semi-manipulative plan was to convince my family that Mother’s Day in New York would be a great idea (read: please drive me back to NYC after my shower with all my gifts in the car). But my mom and sister beat me to the punch and decided it would be a good idea if they came up Thursday night, saw a show they’ve been wanting to see, went prom dress shopping for my sister, and then met me at my fitting. Oh, and Kevin would be away for his bachelor party, so they could stay with me. I guess I learned the “see how perfectly things work out (in my favor)” trick somewhere.

Before my fitting, I had not seen my dress since I bought it in September. I was a little nervous, wondering if I would still like it, but I have been told that is a normal feeling. Besides, I have made so many wedding decisions based on the style of dress I chose that there was no turning back now. All of the doubts went away when I walked into the fitting room and saw it hanging there. I knew again that it was my dress.

The woman who sold me my dress was there, as well as the woman who would be doing the alterations. They were both so nice, and made the experience great. I brought my shoes and my earrings and we tried different accessories and undergarments. I even tried a twirl with my mom to be sure that the dress wouldn’t interfere with dance moves Kevin and I have been learning.

This fitting focused mostly on the hemline and on deciding about other little additions to the dress. I have two more fittings, both in June, where they will alter the bodice. At the next fitting, when the hem is finished, I will be able to be more mobile and really see how I can move in the dress. After the fitting (and a little more prom-dress shopping with my sister), we headed back to Philly for my shower. (I’ll tell you all about that in a later post.) But thankfully, my Plan B to get those great gifts to my NYC apartment worked: My dad happily drove me back on Sunday in exchange for some lunch and a beer outside on a beautiful day.

Were you nervous before your first fitting that you wouldn’t still love your dress as much as you did on the day you chose it? And did you?


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