Bride-to-be Blogger Kathleen: Conquering The To-Do List—And The Ceremoy

Kathleen's DIY display for the gift table at her reception!

Seventy-three days and counting! I just had a great weekend in which my MOH and I finished one complete DIY project. We worked on the display for the gift table (pictured), which was pretty easy, but wasn’t exactly what I originally had in mind. It’s funny how you can sit down for four hours working on one thing, realize it isn’t working and then spend two minutes with the plan B and be finished. Even though it isn’t exactly what I had pictured, I love how it came out! I just hope it survives the wait.

Everything seems to be moving along these days. I had my first fitting, all of the girls have their dresses and shoes, the guys have been fitted for their suits, all beauty appointments have been scheduled, our honeymoon has been booked and invitations are getting stuffed and prepped for mailing this week. It seems like a whole lot of to-dos have been crossed off the list! However, one of the outstanding to-dos we are really concentrating on right now is what our ceremony is going to look like.

Both Christian and I know that we are going to be emotional wrecks during the ceremony, so we wanted to keep it short and sweet. We also decided that we should keep our personal responses to a minimum, as to avoid any embarrassing word slip-ups or any emotional ugly-cry breakdowns (oh yeah, I’m one of those). I am having fun trying to find non-traditional vows and readings, but at the same time I feel like no matter how sweet and lovely everything will be on paper, it will sound like glass in a blender while pouring out of my mouth.

How did you and your groom personalize your ceremony? Any tips for how to get through it without the ugly cry or stage fright?



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