Serve Your Wedding Guests Dessert Off Of Philly’s Only Ice Cream Tricycle

Hire Little Baby's Ice Cream to come to your event.

Little Baby's Ice Cream's event tricycle, set up at a wedding at Appleford in Villanova.

The other day, we were delightfully surprised here at the office by Pete Angevine, one of the owners of Philly’s Little Baby’s Ice Cream, who was toting coolers filled with their signature product. By the time he left, a few coworkers and I had decided that Birch Beer Vanilla Bean ice cream was our new favorite thing in life.

Less than a year ago, Pete and his business partners, Martin Brown and Jeffrey Ziga, started making their small-batch, hand-made, super-premium (we’re talking 16 percent butter fat from Trickling Spring Creamery in Chambersburg, PA) ice cream, and selling it out of one of their custom-built multimedia (sound! Music! Lights!) tricycles that travel about the city.

They currently have three such tricycles, but by June will have five—along with a brand spanking new shop inside the pizza shop/museum (yes, museum!) Pizza Brain in Fishtown, where they’ll sell oodles of their unique flavors, including the aforementioned and adored Birch Beer Vanilla Bean, their flagship Earl Grey Sriracha, the popular Cardamom Caramel and Vegan Coconut Chai, (they actually have a lot of coconut-based, non-dairy options) along with rotating seasonal selections like Blueberry Ginger.

But back to the tricycles—and the good news for brides: They can come to your wedding! The whole thing is very flexible. Basically, you can choose about six of their flavors (once the shop is up and running you’ll be able to do tastings there), and they’ll show up—they can do the whole tricycle thing, serving your guests right from it, either inside or out; send event staff to set up and scoop at a table; or simply send along tubs of the good stuff—adding such an awesome made-in-Philly touch to your wedding’s dessert extravaganza. There’s a flat fee depending on the variables of your event, and then a price-per-person charge that’s usually about $6 bucks.

So if you’ve been worried that your wedding cake will be a little lonely there during the dessert hour, give these guys a call—we can’t think of a better reason to prolong getting back out on the dance floor.

Little Baby’s Ice Cream is currently available on their traveling tricycles or at Green Aisle Grocery. The shop inside Pizza Brain will be opening in late May, at 2311 Frankford Avenue.

With reporting by Alyssa Andrews.


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