Bride-to-be Blogger Alyse: What To DIY?


To DIY or not to DIY? That’s my question. For those not familiar with the lingo, DIY stands for “Do it yourself,” which is code for “saving money” in some instances, and “making a lot more work for yourself” in others. I think the key to making it worthwhile, though, is to actually enjoy the process of making things yourself.

I have that first part down. I really do enjoy making things. The problem is that there is a part of me that likes perfectly executed and professional things even more. I feel like such a poser-crafter for saying that. That’s the sort of thing that is going to get me kicked out of the sewing circle I plan on joining one day. So I am limiting the things that I do myself for the wedding to one larger project and a few smaller projects. I don’t want the wedding to have a “homemade feel,” but I do want to add some personal touches to the day.

The big project will be the place cards. I plan on using those calligraphy skills I’ve acquired to write the guests names and table numbers. I’d like to do something unique—maybe a place card that doubles as a drink stirrer. I’ve started gathering some supplies, like card stock, and even though that process is already getting a bit annoying, I am still determined to do this project. (It turns out that I have very strong opinions when it comes to what I consider to be the color coral.) Once I get that down, I will need to get back on a calligraphy-practicing schedule.

The smaller things will be the signs and notes around the reception area. I am going to make signs to go on the back of both my chair and Kevin’s, and a sign that says “Thank you.” I also plan on putting together an emergency kit for the bathroom, which might involved some DIY elements. I think these projects are doable and won’t drive me completely insane—but we will have to wait and see!

Are you DIY-ing anything for your wedding? How did you decide what you could take on?


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