Bride-to-be Blogger Carolyn: Gorging on Wedding Cake

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For the sake of full disclosure, I’m just putting it out there that I’m writing this blog after being on a low-carb diet since Monday. I have a pretty strong sweet tooth so, of course, take me off carbs and all I can think about is cake!

Our package at Winterthur actually comes with the cake included, supplied by a choice of local bakers. After looking at our choices and the cake flavors they offered, we felt like the Liz Marden Bakery was a good choice for us. Naturally, I did my homework prior to setting up a meeting and knew in advance that she has glowing reviews for her cakes. Chris doesn’t like sweets as much as I do so this was really my time to shine.

Our tasting started out with a consultation with Liz about our wedding plans, our colors, and what we envisioned our cake looking like. I was pretty pleased when she let us know that the cake we wanted was included in our package and was very doable. At the end, she gave us a box full of different flavors to take home and sample (of course, the part I was waiting for!). Our sample box included carrot cake, raspberry cake, white chocolate mousse cake, lemon cake, vanilla, coffee, peach mouse cake, and dark chocolate mousse cake. That night, we gorged ourselves on the whole box, which was no easy feat, as this was the same day as our caterer tasting, so we were already a little stuffed.

We have a choice of having up to four different cake flavors, so I’m a little on the fence about what to pick … I love every cake flavor (except coffee—not sweet enough!). We’re definite on red velvet, but undecided if we want another flavor or not for the rest of the cake. We’re both pretty big fans of red velvet, though, so maybe we’ll just stick with one?

Ok, I’m going to have to go back to thinking low-carb thoughts right now.

How did you decide on cake flavors? Did you do just one or a variety of different ones?


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