Bride-to-be Blogger Carolyn: How Should I Wear My Hair For the Wedding?


So … I’m a little unprepared for this weekend.

During this whole wedding process, I’ve been pretty well-researched and almost compulsive in my readiness for different events. Wedding dress shopping? I’ve got a list of dresses to see and I’m spray tanned and in my Spanx. Venues? I’ve been stalking photography blogs and wedding forums for months narrowing down sites. But for my hair trial this Saturday? Yikes. My hair hasn’t been cut or colored since October, and I haven’t even looked at pictures of different styles. This isn’t like me at all!

To start simple, I guess I need to decide if I want my hair up or down. Honestly, if it’s a hot and humid day, forget it—down would be ridiculous. I have crazy, crazy thick hair that really has a mind of its own. My hair down on a hot summer day would end up looking a little Bride of Frankenstein-y. However, I’m hesitant to rule it out, because hair down for weddings is so in right now (thanks again, Kate Middleton). Of course, there are plenty of updos that look great, too … I guess I just need to do a little homework and start finding some pictures.

I’m excited for Saturday, but also a little nervous. My hair has been known to make even seasoned hairdressers weep (I’m pretty sure this is actually true—there are a couple of places in Philly I’m highly suspicious that I may be blacklisted from). My regular hairdresser is some kind of miracle worker, but unfortunately is unavailable to come to Delaware on my wedding day. The stylist I booked a trial with comes highly recommended by a friend. To be fair, I actually did try to warn her via email what she’s walking in to. This hair trial will be a true test of skill: If she can make my hair presentable in this condition, she’s definitely a keeper.

How did you prepare for your hair trial? Did you have a really set idea of what you wanted when you went in, or did you have to play around for a while to find a look you loved?


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