Bride-to-be Blogger Kathleen: I’ll Be a TOMS Shoes Bride

Kathleen's wedding shoes! Photo,

Shoes. I’ve been focusing a little too much about shoes these days.

Mainly, I’m trying to figure out what all of the bridesmaids should wear on their feet—for both the ceremony and the reception. I’m not going to force them to all buy the same shoes, but since the ceremony will take place on grass, I have made the recommendation that they all wear either flats or wedges.

But because I’m thinking that the odds of them all picking out shoes that will coordinate with each other are very slim, I’ve been thinking of purchasing each of them a pair of TOMS as a gift. (I am totally going to be rocking a pair of TOMS at the reception, so I thought it might be cute if each bridesmaid had a pair, too.)

I love the idea of the girls wearing them at the reception, for sure—I’m just not sure if those shoes would look right with their dresses for the ceremony portion of the day. I’m not much of a flip-flop fan at weddings—I feel like it’s been overdone, even though flippy-floppies would definitely be an inexpensive option—and I’m really digging the TOMS look. Not only would it be unique, but for every pair of TOMS you purchase, they will donate a pair of shoes to a child in need. And I think that is pretty awesome! Plus, if we were all wearing them, I’m thinking that would make for some pretty sweet photo ops.

I think I am just going to have to drag one of them to the store with their dress in tow and have them try on the shoes with the dress. Fingers crossed it looks cute … Otherwise, sorry, ladies, but you might have some challenges ahead of you for ceremony shoes!

Anyone out there done the TOMS thing for their wedding, or been to one where the bride and/or the ‘maids were wearing them? What do you guys think—cute for just the reception, or for the entire day?


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