Grooms Can Pinterest, Too!


(Or is it pin? So confusing: Facebook is both the thing and the verb; Twitter is the thing, Tweet is the verb; Pinterest is the thing, pin is the verb?)


It was with great joy today that we read our colleague’s piece over on The Philly Post, which was, of all things, about dudes on Pinterest! The writer, Brian Howard, became curious about Pinterest mostly because it was a new social networking site he kept hearing about, though he had no idea what it was. He investigated, joined, fiddled around, and found a few things out—namely:

1) It’s a pretty cool, pleasingly visual way of organizing various things you like.

2) Because it’s mostly chicks on there, he now finds himself with a lot of chicks “following” him, much to the interest of his girlfriend, who is also on there.

Really, though, he makes some great points about how guys can totally use and enjoy Pinterest, whether it’s pinning sports stuff or music stuff or travel stuff or food stuff (hmm: fodder for the groom’s cake, wedding-day menu, reception playlist and honeymoon planning?)—or looking at what others are pinning and even discovering new things they’re into that way.

Just keep an eye out for how many chicks follow him if he gets any good at it.

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