Bride-to-be Blogger Carolyn: Do I Want Eyelash Extensions And A Spray Tan For My Wedding Day?


Now that I’ve started off on my quest for healthier skin, I have some more beauty-related decisions to make. In every day life, I’m pretty low maintenance: I am a hair-in-a-ponytail, little-makeup, and out-the-door kind of a girl. However, like most brides, I want to look a little bit more done up on my wedding day compared to my usual look. This has led me to pursue a couple different beauty ideas that could be a little risky if they go wrong…

First risky decision: spray tanning. My pale, freckled skin is completely refractory to tanning. I spent many a sunburned day recovering from prior attempts and, now that I’m older and wiser, I’ve officially quit trying. This past summer, however, I ventured into the spray-tanning booth for the first time. Aside from it being completely terrifying at first (yep, I did the kind with a person actually spraying me—not the machine), I found the results to be pretty good, overall. Of course, for the first 24 hours I look a little hilarious, but it does tone down and start to look natural after that. So I’m thinking about doing it for my wedding day.

I know I mentioned risks—and this spray-tanning thing certainly has risks. First off, I’ll be wearing a white dress on a potentially hot day—what if the tan bleeds onto my dress? Also, I’ve come out a little spotty before; completely non-concerning for everyday life, but not really something I’d like to see immortalized in my wedding album. And then there’s Snooki. Yes, there is the risk of coming out unnaturally dark or orange. So far I’ve been fine on that front, but is it a risk I’d like to take for my wedding? I’m not so sure yet.

My next risky decision? Eyelash extensions. (Not falsies, exactly, but when someone applies individual fake eyelashes to your existing lashes to give you that fake-eyelash effect in a way that can look a little more natural and last up to four weeks.) The whole process takes a few hours and can be a little pricey depending on how may lashes you want applied. I don’t really have any problem with my current eyelashes—this one is more me liking to try a good fad more than anything else. I’ve never actually tried standard false eyelashes before, so I’m pretty curious how these extensions will look.

As for the risk—I had a friend who had an allergic reaction to the glue and her eyes swelled up like golf balls. Luckily, she was doing a trial of them and therefore knew to avoid them on her wedding day. There’s also the risk of them looking unnatural—I don’t really want to look like a go-go dancer on my wedding day. However, I think a trial would alleviate this risk as well.

Spray tanning and eyelash extensions are two ideas that I’m throwing around that I’m not really set on yet. Do you have any tips or experiences that can help me decide?


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