Bride-to-be Blogger Kathleen: Black Friday Wedding Deals

Kathleen's first DIY wedding project is complete!

Dear Black Friday: You may be gaining another crazed shopper this season.

Normally, I wouldn’t dare touch shopping on Black Friday with a forty-foot pole. I’m not even a huge fan of shopping to begin with, mainly because large crowds make me anxious, and crazy, screaming, whiney children in winter puffy jackets make me want to run and get my tubes tied. But this year is a tad different. I got to thinking, what if I can score some awesome deals for stuff we need for the wedding? Ugh … is this really happening? Am I really going to throw myself into Black Friday madness? All signs, unfortunately, are starting to point to yes.

I have to do my homework well before this self-inflicted nightmare begins (which is in 4 days—procrastination at its best!), but I’m thinking we can save on things like my shoes and jewelry, accessories for the bridesmaids, a husband gift, and gifts for the wedding party and our parents. Also, if I can find some deals on our wedding décor, that would just be amaze-balls. So, where does this extreme shopper journey begin? Not a clue. I’m hoping that somewhere in between our Flyer’s game, wedding tasting (yippee!), registering for gifts (woo-hoo!) and one of our family dinners on the night before Thanksgiving, I can figure it out. It is going to be one heck of a crazy week.

DIY Crafter’s update: I have managed to complete one DIY task, and I think I did a pretty good job. I’m positive that a five-year old could do it, but the success has me feeling more confident about wedding crafts. My phone’s terrible picture quality is not giving the project its justic—and I still have to attach some ribbon, and may end up painting the sides of the letters—but check it out!

Any other brides out there going to try and take advantage of Black Friday deals for their wedding? Got any tips for me?


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