Bride-to-be Blogger Kathleen: Trouble in DIY Land

What is that phrase given to people who can’t dance? They have two left feet? Well, I have two left hands … and I am a righty. I am so envious of anyone who has the ability to DIY anything. My mother is an amazing crafter. She quilts, she knits, she bakes, she does it all. Unfortunately, I did not inherit her crafting gene. She swears one day it will magically appear, but until that day, I will continue to call her a liar. With all of these dreams of a cutesy-pa-tootsy DIY wedding, I feel like I am back in the 2nd grade, shunned to the corner of the classroom for not being able to cut a piece of paper on the straight dotted line. I’m pretty sure I managed to glue my forehead to my desk one time, too, but let’s save that for the impending DIY crafters therapy sessions.

With each passing day, I am realizing that it isn’t all about having the skill to actually “create” these decorations … you have to have vision. Apparently, I lack that as well. So, in order to assist me in creating my vision, I have enlisted the help of the not-so-helpful Internet. OK, I’m not being very fair. There are tons of websites that I have gained some inspiration from, but the ideas make me feel overwhelmed: Like, who goes out and buys a random old desk, then plops it in a garden piled with pillows and streamers? Cute, yeah. Practical? No way. I mean, who did all of the decorating for that? Did 300 of their friends and family come out to place the 300 trinkets all over the yard for their homespun wedding? Or, they could have had a wedding coordinator do all of that work, I guess. All I know is that although the Shabby Chic look is how I would like to have my wedding décor be, it’s probably just not going to happen.

This passage seems to be a bit of a “come to Jesus” moment. I need to find a happy balance between the look I want and the look I will be able to achieve. I need to pick a theme. How about country-time summer? Cool. OK, centerpieces … perhaps a mixture of simple yellow flowers in bud vases, some sort of candle arrangement, and somehow incorporate these bubble balls pictured here (which I’m obsessed with). All other décor needs to be broken down, room by room, and simplified. I’m thinking of maybe one DIY aspect for each space to make the whole event seem personal. I guess what it comes down to is that I want the day to feel as if it was crafted just for us.

Did you do or are you doing a lot of DIY touches for your wedding? If so, I would love some pointers and suggestions for some doable projects! And how to not get overwhelmed by it all.


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