Bride-to-be Blogger Alyse: Committing to Colors

Alyse is hoping her wedding colors are in here somewhere.

I’ve been a little non-committal on the “color question” recently. Picking colors seems to be one of the first things brides do, and “What colors are you thinking?” seems to be one of the first questions others ask. Although I feel like I’ve done a lot so far and booked most of my vendors, nothing has required me to commit to a color. I’ve got the venue, photographer, church, band and hotel . . . I don’t have bridesmaid dresses, flowers, invitations or other decor. How can I answer the color question when I haven’t actually purchased anything in a specific color?

It’s not that I don’t have color ideas, it’s that I don’t know what role they will play or how many colors to include. My favorite color is and always had been yellow. I love all yellow things and also love wearing yellow. I’ve also been liking the yellow and grey combination that seems to be popping up in lots of places. I want to take advantage of the mid-summer July wedding date and add more than one bright color into the mix. Right now, I am thinking coral or pink or both. Again, I don’t know what role these colors will play. If this wasn’t a wedding and just some weird party where I got to tell certain people what to wear, I would probably put my bridesmaids in white and put me in yellow, but that isn’t going to happen.

I’ve mentioned before that I love crafts, but I must admit that despite the joy I get from crafts, I might give my self a little too much credit in the artistic department. One day, while walking around the city, I stumbled upon a paint store. I decided that I would pick up some paint samples in the the latest color scheme. When I got the samples home, I laid them out over my table. Apparently I thought that I would have some genius artist moment where the right color combinations just jumped out at me. That didn’t happen. So now, I answer the color question with, “some combination of white, grey, yellow, coral and pink.” I guess I will have to wait until I take the plunge and commit to a color-related vendor or item to see where they actually show up.

How did you pick your colors? Did you always know or did it take some deciding?


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