Bride-to-be Blogger Alyse: Online Shopping—As a Bride

I’m so glad I’ve had practice.

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It’s no secret that when you plan a wedding, you are introduced to a whole new world. You learn new words, like “Chiavari,” and start acquiring new skills, such as actually knowing the names of flowers and fabrics. For me, much of this is completely new, but there are some things that are just an extension of what I already knew or did.

For example, I consider myself a pro at online flash-sale websites, such as Gilt Groupe and RueLaLa, and discount sites like Groupon. In the past year, I have ordered more clothing and accessories online than I have purchased in stores. And I totally “saved” a bunch of money that way. So imagine my surprise and delight when I learned that there are flash-sale and discount websites completely dedicated to weddings!

Apparently I am on some cross-section list of “dedicated online shoppers” and “brides,” because these sites came to me, begging for me to become a member. I considered it a sign. I took what I learned from my years of normal online shopping and applied it to these wedding-deal sites. With regular items, I have two rules: (1) it has to be a brand that I already wear, so that there are no weird sizing issues, and (2) I have to have somewhere in mind to actually wear or use the item. I already have the second criterion taken care of, since my wedding day is when the item will be used—and I decided that the other “rule” would be that it had to be something that I would have bought at full price anyway. That way, I am actually “saving” money.

I have failed. So far I bought 100 pairs of flip-flops (for $1 each!) and a pair of earrings that I will not be wearing at my wedding. Besides those two slip-ups, I’ve mostly restrained myself. My restraint really comes from being indecisive about wedding colors and themes, rather than actual financial restraint, but it is still restraint, nonetheless. One day, when I do make those decisions, I know that I will have many delivered packages to open, and I can’t wait! It also makes me feel better that I can consider my previous online shopping sprees to be “practice” for these very important purchases.

Do you buy clothes and accessories online? Would you ever buy wedding items online? What are your “rules” for making wedding purchases?



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