Bride-to-be Blogger Kathleen: The Dangers of DIY

The back-up plan.

Ahhh, August. Although it is summer’s kiss of death, I am actually looking forward to the things we have scheduled for this month: engagement session, registering for gifts, finalizing and mailing out our save-the-dates—and I will be going dress shopping (finally!). Oh, and btdubs, we’ll be packing up and moving into the new humble abode by the end of the month. Yeah, I know … we don’t mess around.

Ideas come in and out of my brain about 400 times a minute. I am a total Internet-surfing junkie. I often feel like my whole purpose in life is to search the Internet and find the most original ideas out there for my personal use. (And yes, I get that they’re not really original any longer if someone has already done them before I do, but oh well. If nobody I know has ever seen it, I will be a pioneer.) My wedding planning searches these days mainly revolve around DIY crafts for wedding décor, invitations, save the dates, etc. Small issue here, though: I am a terrible crafter. I once had such a vicious domestic dispute with my sewing machine that Christian needed to step in and finish my draft snakes. How in the world am I going to be able to handle glue guns and tissue paper pomanders? One craft at a time I suppose, if I can ever narrow my ideas down. I’m just worried our wedding is going to look like Chuckles the Clown dropped by with his clown posse and doused the venue with cotton candy streamers and rainbow glitter.

Our first DIY project is our save-the-dates. Two of our best-est friends in the whole wide world helped us put them together,r and I can’t wait to show all of you. I can’t really divulge any information about what they are going to look like until we have sent them out—I’m sworn to secrecy by the future hubs—but they are probably going to be something many people have never seen before. Of course, we needed to be different—no magnetic head shot for us! However, if for some reason these epic pieces of art don’t work out, my back-up plan is pictured above. I hope this first stab at DIY is a success—my whole DIY wedding hopes and dreams depend on it!

How much DIY stuff are you doing for your wedding? Have any of you found yourself in over your head with DIY and had to go with a backup plan?


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