Bride-to-be Blogger Alyse: Ring Bling on Facebook?

To post or not to post? Pictures of your engagement ring, that is. A quick Google search shows that there is fierce debate about whether to post engagement ring pics on Facebook. Apparently, there is even a group called “Stop Posting Pictures of Your Engagement Ring—No one Cares!” Just like with most problems—other than diagnosing yourself with rare diseases, of course—the Internet is not the place to go for helpful answers.

I think that all pictures that are posted for everyone to see involve some sort of back story or motivation behind the posting. Unless it’s obvious from the setting, I tend to wonder what the person is trying to say, and it’s no different with ring pics.

Most of the time, I’m sure that the message is “I’m engaged and excited!” not “Look at my bling!” Which is hardly a reason to start a Facebook hate group about. As long as you’ve told all of the people who wouldn’t want to find out about your engagement on their newsfeed, then go for it! Personally, I decided against it, but love it when others do it. (Full disclosure: I changed my status to “engaged” within twelve hours and sent many picture texts, so really, there was no need.)

Up until recently, my Facebook was ring-free. But then last week, a friend and I were at another friend’s bridal shower and realized that we had both independently picked the same nail color (Essie “Chastity,” in case you were wondering). She snapped a pic of our hands with her new fancy camera and posted it the next day. So if anyone wonders what the motive behind this picture is, it’s mostly “great minds think alike!” and a little “I’m engaged and excited!”

What do you think when you see ring pictures on Facebook? Did you post your ring?


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