Diary of a Marriage: J.’s Turn

At long last.

When the editor of Philadelphia Wedding offered my husband the chance to finally speak his mind about this blog, our marriage, and life with me, I was interested—and scared—to hear what he had to say.

The question I most frequently get asked about this Diary Of A Marriage blog is whether or not my husband knows I write it. When I tell them yes, of course he knows, the next question is invariably this: Does he read it? The answer, again, is yes.  He reads it every single week, and usually, it makes him laugh. Or, at the very least, smile.

A large part of me writes these posts for J. and me. Because, someday, when we are old and wrinkly and have lots of grandkids scampering about, we’ll probably want more than what our photo albums have to offer. We’ll actually want to remember the stupid everyday stuff, the stories about the things that happened the day before we took that picture of us dressed up at the wedding in Boston, and the silly fight we had right before we took that shot of us dancing at that party. I want to read about how our relationship evolved over the years, and what worried us and made us happy and got us down. Those stories are what I’m excited to have. So I was initially excited when my editor asked me what I thought about J. writing something about his thoughts on marriage for the magazine. And then I got nervous—what does he really think about this whole marriage thing?

Turns out, some things annoy him that I never even knew about (my hand-washing routine? Really?), and he notices things that I assumed flew past his radar. In any case, his article is out now in our latest issue of Philadelphia Wedding (if you haven’t picked it up yet, you should! It’s beautiful!), and things are back to the way they should be: Me writing about our marriage, and not the other way around.

Click to J.’s answer to Em’s Diary of a Marriage


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