Bride-to-Be Blogger Danielle: Lessons Learned

It is almost here. Wedding day is this Saturday, and by the time you all read this, Tim and I will be in Rehoboth Beach. While not quite finished with all the preparations, we have a very good-looking timeline in place and we are all packed (ok, I’m not packed) and ready to go. As I confirm the last details, it is really starting to hit me that I am getting married — and I am so happy for the day to arrive.

With my engagement coming to an end, I have spent the last week reflecting on some things that are important, some that are not. I realize I have learned a lot about myself over this period of time in my life:

1. I am hyper-organized. Apparently not all brides send out detailed timelines, seven-page contact sheets and multi-tabbed spreadsheets explaining the reception setup. To me, this is normal (big thanks to my former boss and mentor, Teeks, for engraining this in me!), but apparently it is far from ordinary.

2. I am Zen … about some things. I am really relaxed about the things I cannot control — weather, last-minute cancellations, etc. — but not so much about the things I can control — timelines, contact sheets, menus, programs … the list goes on.

3. I am especially not Zen about computer meltdowns. We (I) had two computer mishaps this weekend. First, my computer detected malware and just stopped working. I was unable to open any programs. At all. This led to a one-hour and 15-minute panic attack during which I actually hyperventilated. Tim talked me off a ledge, helped me move all my documents (not infected!) to a hard drive, and then got my computer to an amazing friend who is going to fix it. Fast-forward to Sunday when I accidentally saved over my long-form timeline. Minor panic attack ensued, but we called the same friend, who was able to recover it. Whew!

4. I love Tim for talking me off ledges. Yes, these are proverbial ledges, but he really does me worlds of good. No one else can calm me the way he does. Just one of the many reasons I am marrying him.

5. I cannot memorize things. Ok, I knew this already, but trying to remember my vows is challenging. I have the first four lines down, but then I get stuck. Thankfully, my maid of honor has a pocket in her dress…she is going to have to hold a copy for me.

6. Vicks Vapo-Rub kills toenail fungus. Ok, so this is not about me, and it is not even about my own toes, but who knew?! Apparently my future mother-in-law does, and now Tim’s toes are looking flip-flop worthy for our beach wedding. (Sorry babe, but I had to share this amazing tip!) And for the record, I was Zen about flip-flops even before the Vapo-Rub miracle of 2011.

7. I hate to pack. That’s right, I am supposed to leave in about an hour and I have still not packed anything. I have not even taken the suitcase out of the closet. All the boxes we’re bringing are packed, numbered and labeled, yet not one piece of clothing has been put in a bag. (I guess this also falls into the “I knew this already” category.)

8. I cannot wait to see everyone I love in one place. I know that this day is supposed to be about Tim and me declaring our love for one another, but we’re both so thrilled to have so many people there to witness our vows and help us celebrate. It would just not be the same without them, and every time someone calls, emails, IMs or texts me to tell me how excited they are and how happy they are for us, it just warms my heart. I’m not sure this is something I learned, but definitely something I’ve been reflecting upon as I lie in bed at night.

I am so looking forward to all the things to come over the next few days, not to mention the rest of my life as a married woman. Even though I stress about things being perfect, I just know that when Saturday arrives I will glide through the day with a peaceful feeling, because all will be right in the world when I stand up in front of friends and family and marry Tim.

What about you? What have you learned about yourself from the wedding-planning process? Anything new? Or did it just confirm what you already knew to be true?

Note: Stay tuned for Monday, when Danielle will share all the so-fun details of her wedding! (She didn’t want to ruin all the surprises she’s got in store for her guests, bridal party, and husband-to-be …)

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