What Kate’s Bouquet Should Have Looked Like

We're just sayin' ...

Photo by Marie Labbancz.

Before you roll your eyes, this is not another royal wedding post. You’re over it, we’re over it, we get it. But this is fun.

If you recall, when we recapped the royal wedding a few weeks ago, we approved of many a thing — but not so much the flowers. They weren’t ugly, or anything, and we loved the actual blooms chosen, as well as the meaning each of them is said to hold — but they just could have been a little more … something.

Turns out, we were not the only ones who thought that — including some of Philly’s fabulous florists! And over at Beautiful Blooms Events, they decided to amuse themselves by playing around and coming up with their own interpretation of Kate’s bouquet, which, to us, is what we were talking about: Her bouquet, just more.

Pretty, right? Check out their process here. Apparently even flowers with itty bitty little blooms can be super labor-intensive. Enjoy!

Whaddya think? Like this one better?

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