Bride-to-Be Blogger Danielle: Running on Adrenaline

Wow, what a busy week! Wedding day is quickly approaching, and I feel like all I’ve been doing is working, wedding planning, and getting a little bit of sleep in between. Something is propelling me to accomplish things, and I’ve only been having one cup of coffee a day, so it has to be adrenaline.

Friday night, I picked up my maid of honor, Melissa, at the train station and we had a very serious planning dinner together (ha — honestly, it was so good to just go out and giggle for a little while), before coming home to do arts and crafts. Tim was at the Phillies game, so we spread out all over the table and heated up the hot glue gun to work on a few things, including my floral hair accessories. With Melissa’s help, we actually made six (yes, six) barrettes with flowers on them. I won’t need all of them, but we have some backups, and I’m happy to share.

Saturday was my final dress fitting at Priscilla of Boston, and the first time anyone saw me in my wedding gown. Melissa came along and after dabbing away a tear, learned the magic of my bustle. You need an engineering degree to figure this thing out. We tried the barrettes with the dress and she swears they looked amazing. I hope she is just not biased since she helped make them!

Over the last week, Tim and I also finalized seating arrangements, which was only slightly challenging, named the tables (fun!), confirmed honeymoon details, and handled countless logistics. We also went out to dinner to celebrate the five-year anniversary of our first date. I took him to the same restaurant he took me years ago, Friday Saturday Sunday. They even seated us in the same spot so we got to recreate that very important moment in our life. I guess that with the wedding approaching, I was feeling nostalgic!

We also chose ceremony readings and wrote our ceremony. After sifting through novels, short stories and poems for a full day, we chose two very sweet but poignant readings that we found via a Google search. We had a planning call with our officiant, Tim’s “Uncle Moe,” and now all we need to send him are our vows, which I think we will both finish sometime later today. We are not sharing them with each other before the wedding, opting to surprise one another with our words. Once those are finished I will feel like everything else is just icing on our wedding cake; nothing else is nearly as important.

The next week will be a whirlwind of creating favors, printing out all kinds of things (sorry trees!), picking up my dress, packing (I am such a procrastinator about packing) and delivering things to all my vendors in Rehoboth Beach! We finally took some friends and family up on offers to help us, and I cannot thank all of those people enough. I will check back in midweek, but please, cross your fingers and say a prayer for no writer’s block, paper jams or traffic, otherwise there is no way I will get everything done — even with help.

Did you hold out on asking anyone for help (or accepting offers for help) until the last minute? What tasks did you leave for the last-minute? Did you get everything done that you wanted to, or did you have to “choose your battles” and let some things go?

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