Bride Jennifer: Picture Perfect

Today marks our one-month wedding anniversary. I thought time flew leading up to the wedding — but it may be going by even faster, now.

It’s almost too cliché to even say it, but, our wedding day was perfect. There were no hiccups, no problems. If anything, I would say things went eerily smooth: Hair and makeup took less time than expected, so my girls and I relaxed and drank mimosas. The weather was awesome, and if any of you can think back to April 8, we had our doubts while we ran through the rehearsal shivering and holding umbrellas. Maybe the weather that night made us appreciate the next day even more.

Neither of us cried during our vows. I apparently giggled throughout the ceremony — probably what kept me from crying. Anthony and I saw each other before the ceremony, which also played a part in calming the nerves. We took our photographs ahead of time so that immediately following the ceremony, we could join our guests and start the party. I highly recommend this for those of you who are not superstitious. It meant a lot to us to see each other without the pressure of everyone else watching at us see each other for the first time. Yikes!

Everyone tells you to enjoy the day, because it goes by so fast. They are right, so don’t get caught up so much in the details that you don’t enjoy the planning process. I loved planning our wedding and we put our hearts into the small details that mattered to us … the ones that everyone else probably overlooked. But what I won’t forget is that look on Anthony’s face when we walked back down the aisle as husband and wife. Those are the memories that will last forever.

Stay tuned next week for Jennifer’s recap of their Hawaiian honeymoon!

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