Bride-to-Be Blogger Danielle: All About Connections

I spent four days this week in Orlando on business. While I was there, I escaped work for a couple of hours to have dinner with a woman I worked with over a decade ago in New York. She and I have not remained the best of friends — we just have not kept in excellent touch — but we spent our first year out of college together, we went through a formative experience together, and I always enjoy her company. Furthermore, I will always be indebted to her: If it were not for her, I never would have met Tim.

It is one of those six degrees of separation cases; she has never met Tim. But she had a friend, who had a boyfriend, who became my friends, who introduced me to other friends … and I met Tim at those friends’ wedding. Long story short, we would never have met if I did not work with this woman (and enjoyed her enough hang out with her after work and on weekends) during our first year out of school.

And that got me thinking: Isn’t this wedding all about connections? Connecting? I mean, someone introduced Tim and I to one another. And then we really connected — on an emotional and psychological level — and that is why we decided to spend the rest of our lives together.

“Connections” seems to be the theme of the wedding. I’ve already mentioned that we’ve hired several vendors who are friends of friends; people to whom we’ve been introduced. And then all of our guests are the other type of connections. They’re people Tim and I feel we can relate to in an intimate manner, much like we relate to one another.

After the wedding, everyone who is there to witness or take part in the ceremony will be connected to us by that. And of course, Tim and I are connecting (uniting, if you will) our two families when we say “I do.” And that is one connection I never could have imagined when I walked into my first job at a big huge New York PR agency and met this woman years ago. So now she and I will always and forever remain connected because if it were not for her I would never have met my husband.

Is there a reoccurring theme at your wedding? Is there someone responsible for you meeting your fiancé or spouse? How are you connected to the people you most care about?

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