Bride-to-Be Blogger Danielle: DJ Hired!

I think I mentioned before that Tim and I are very into music, and we’re also very opinionated about what is and is not good music. We have been to a lot of weddings, and there just is inevitably some point in each reception (with a couple of notable exceptions), where we groan “ugh, not again” as some typical song is played, and sprint off the dance floor. The weddings where that only happens once or twice — only those do I consider to be a success in terms of musical selection.

So for us, the entertainment is a big deal. When we began searching for a DJ, we were totally overwhelmed. We found it was really hard to get a sense of style or repertoire, so everyone’s suggestions on my initial post were helpful. I also had a number of friends contact me after that with their thoughts — don’t hire these guys, or that guy was great — which was also very much appreciated.

I’m noticing that a theme at our wedding is friends. And friends of friends. Because that is where we’re finding some of our best leads on vendors. Our photographer is a friend of a friend. And I’m pleased to announce that our DJ is also a friend of a friend.

After talking to a handful of folks, we hired Tutone Entertainment. The owner, Anthony, who was referred by a trusted friend, is going to do our wedding, and we are really excited about it. When we sat down and talked to him, he got us. He said he would play what we wanted, though he also said he’d tell us if he thought we were making any grave mistakes in our music selections — something I really respected. He did not push us into any unwanted lighting packages (we’re going with classic white lights and maybe some lanterns in the tent.) And I also love how organized he is. He sent me an awesome “package” where he requests all pertinent information: names of family members and wedding party, order in which we will introduce folks, questions about speeches (short and sweet), traditions (none!), and of course, our musical selections.

We’re still working on our “Please Play/Don’t Play/Only If” list (Anthony’s wording — very diplomatic!), as well as the selection for our first dance, but we’re getting there.  (Suggestions are welcome! We want something a little different, but danceable.)

Most importantly, I feel confident we will not have any of those moments that make Tim and me groan and slink off the dance floor. I hope our guests feel the same wa,y and that everyone really enjoys the music.

How did you choose a DJ? What were the most important factors in your decision? Do you have any suggestions for a unique first dance song?

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