Bride-to-be Blogger Leslie: Crunch Time

We are at T minus five months and counting. This is a very critical time in the wedding planning process, and it happens to fall smack dab in the middle of the holiday season. It is hard to focus on flower arrangements, appetizer selections and seating charts when I am trying to wrap up 2010, and enjoy Christmas with both my fiancé and our families.

We still have so much to do, and the 18-month engagement we started out with has very quickly dwindled down to a few short months. Starting in the new year, I will be using my wedding as motivation to jump start my new workout routine, (And I honestly don’t know what could be more motivating that that, but that’s just me).

I have become a runner in the past two years, and it has done wonders for my body. I am in shape, I feel great, and I like how I look — but for my wedding, I want to look amazing, and to me that means toning up!

My workout routine in the new year will be focusing on upper and lower body weight training. I have a plan that revolves around sumo squats, dead lifts, hamstring curls, lunges, triceps extensions and much more. I have an image in my mind for my arms and back in my wedding dress: Strong — but not too strong — showing some lean muscle with a classy, elegant look.

I have never done much weight training in the past because I never thought much of it, but I know that including it in my workout routine will guarantee good results for my wedding day look, along with increasing my running abilities and recovery time. It sounds like a win-win to me!

I am going to see how working out on my own like this goes for the month of January, and then see how I feel about a personal trainer. I feel like if I can train for a marathon by myself, I should be able to get myself in shape for my wedding, but I’m keeping my options open!

Do you have any weight training words of wisdom? Anyone have any good experience with any specific training plans? What did you do before your wedding to get in shape?

{Psst: For advice and tips from Philly’s top health and fitness experts on getting in shape for your wedding — the right way —  click here.}

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