Bride-to-be Blogger Jennifer: Dressing the Entourage

It’s decided.

So, while my original idea of letting each bridesmaid select their own dress seemed like a great idea … Not all great ideas pan out. My mom, the girls and I started a dress-a-palooza on Saturday at the Bridal Garden in Marlton, where I purchased my gown. There, while the designers are plentiful, making a decision (for a non-decision maker like myself) was impossible. The gals were good sports and tried on tons of dresses. We had it narrowed down to one designer by the end of our time there, so that was a good start, despite my initial worry. But here, if each of the girls wore their own dress, they would have to choose one of six different styles, and I started to feel like one of them was bound to be left hanging with a dress they didn’t want. Also, having done this a couple of times before, I really don’t want to ask anyone to spend more than I would want to spend. These dresses weren’t outrageous (and since I am getting mine there, there was an additional discount to be had), but I wanted to look elsewhere as well.

At the second stop of the day, David’s Bridal, I walked in with a new confidence. I mean, there are so many dresses. I figured that everyone was bound to find something they liked — and that I liked — and that everyone could be happy. Sometimes I expect way too much. It turns out that the color we’ve chosen is available in only a limited (small) number of dresses. So, after an afternoon of zipping and clipping and searching for sizes, the decision was made that my sister — the maid of honor — will wear one dress, and that the other four lovely ladies will each wear the same one. (That’s the style, pictured, though we’re getting it in “Wine.”) They are similar in style, but Judi’s just has a little bit of bling to set her apart.

I think that among them all, they tried on double the amount of dresses than I did of gowns — but at the end of the day I guess the goal is all that matters. What was your plan-of-action for finding the perfect bridesmaid dresses? Did you let them have a lot of input? How do you feel about the each-wears-a-different-style thing?

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