Bride-to-Be Blogger Danielle: Choosing our Palette

We just finalized our color palette, and in doing that, found an incredible tool that I wanted to share with all brides-to-be: This highly addictive Web site allows you to create colors and swatches and then you can size, download, embed and even purchase items such as fabric or wall art associated with them.

I spent a good hour to 90 minutes on the site finding the closest match for my bridesmaid dresses, and then designing the rest of the palette. I even ended up creating a “new” color that I got to name myself! We are going with various shades of blues and greens that are reminiscent of the ocean and very soothing to me, pictured here. (And yes, Tim got veto power!) I sent my sister the link, and she is using the palette to design our stationery suite.

This is a great tool not just for brides, but for anyone trying to create a color scheme. It can be used for decorating, designing, marketing/advertising or creating a wardrobe — almost anything where you want to play with different color options. Just be prepared to waste hours of your life on the site once you visit.


Did you find inspiration for your palette somewhere interesting? Do you have any great tools or sites that you want to share with other brides-to-be?

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