Bride-to-Be Blogger Danielle: Thankful for an Involved Groom

First of all, thanks to everyone who made recommendations about rounding out our gift registry. I love the input! We did finish it off, adding some great bath items at Pottery Barn this past weekend. It cost me though — I had to treat Tim to brunch after yet another hour in a store!

All joking aside, I’ve heard a lot of grooms say, “I don’t care, just tell me when to show up,” when posed with questions related to their upcoming weddings. Or, if a bride is lucky, the groom will take an interest in the music, or the food and bar, or both. I’m blessed with a groom who cares about other details as well and who is interested in making decisions together for our wedding.

This is not all that surprising to me. Tim and I make virtually every decision together anyway: what to make for dinner, where to spend our weekends, what gifts to purchase for family members at holidays. It may sound a little lame, but I love that we’re on the same page on just about everything. We’re starting our marriage on the right foot with great communication and equal levels of compromise. So it’s not surprising that we would want to make wedding decisions together as well. Even the “girlie” details he has veto power over, including the color palette, bridesmaid dresses (nothing “ridiculous” — one of Tim’s favorite words), and decorations. As a result ,we seem to have clean lines and nothing pink, purple or too frilly, which is ok with me as well. He has even reviewed every item we registered for, even though he hates to shop. (I may have mentioned that before!) But it’s a good thing he did, because he does love to cook and will be using a lot of the kitchen tools.

Even with the things I’m not willing to share with him, I have found myself thinking about what he would like and at what he’d wrinkle his nose. When I was shopping for my wedding gown, I thought about what he would think looks “ridiculous.” And I am now doing the same for hairstyles.

Of course, Tim tends to be a little more practical than I am, but I think we’ve found a happy medium for most things. I’m glad that he’s taking such an active role in the planning. It makes me believe that this day is as important to him as it is to me.

And no, he does not have any brothers!

How involved has your groom been in planning the wedding? Are there things you wish he would be more vocal about? Are there things you would just like to plan on your own? Do you have any tactics for getting a groom involved if he’s not interested in the details?


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