Bride-to-Be Blogger Leslie: Heading Off Bridal Regrets

Now that I am under the one year mark for our wedding, everything seems much more real, and much more urgent. I have been making great strides in my planning progress, even though I feel my to-do list keeps getting longer. It feels good to cross things off the list when they are done because each little bit of progress, however small it is, brings us one step closer to the Big Day!

I have been spending a lot of time in deep conversations with my recently married and fellow engaged friends. I have found it extremely helpful talking with those around me who have been though this crazy process of wedding planning. It has been interesting learning what made everyone’s Big Day super special, and what they would have done differently.

I thought I would share with my readers a few items that have stuck out in conversations with friends as their big Bridal Regrets.

One main topic of discussion is The Dress.

The dress is a main factor in any bride-to-be’s vision of their perfect wedding. Many brides believe it makes or breaks their bridal experience. Various friends I have talked to wished they would have done their bridal gown a little differently. It all comes down to various factors when making the big purchase. Nerves, costs and parental wishes all come into play, and some of them ended up being pressured into a dress that other people wanted for them, that they wouldn’t have necessarily chosen for themselves. It is a stressful time and a big decision, one you have to make many months and sometimes even over a year before your actual wedding day!

Another main issue that came up is number of bridesmaids.

Out of everyone I have talked to about this topic, no one thought they had too few bridesmaids. Instead, in the end, everyone actually thought they had too many, and wished they would have kept their bridal party numbers down. Personality types, locations and financial aspects all come into play in this topic.

Do you have any Bridal Regrets?

I am sure there is always going to be something you wish you would have done differently. Some little detail you wish you went another route with. Let me know what you would have changed!

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