Bride-to-Be Blogger Heather: Loving My Bridal Shower!

In my wildest dreams, I never imagined that my bridal shower would be so beautiful!

My mom just started a design-team that specializes in small affairs, and what they put together for my shower was amazing.

The thing is, when you fantasize about an outdoor wedding but live on the East Coast — well, realistically it’s next to impossible to get the right weather. So, the next best thing? Having your bridal shower outdoors!

Luckily, the weather the day of my shower was one of those perfect Sundays that make you feel like summer is already here. There was this beautiful gold linen umbrella lined with draping flowers. Also hanging from the umbrella were votive candles with “wishes” written on them by my brides maids. They said the one that blew out first would be the first wish that would come true for me  . . . and it was just my luck that with the breeze, they all blew out at the same time! Guess that means all of my wishes will come true …

I couldn’t decide between two color themes for my wedding, so my mom knew to use the one that wasn’t chosen (pink and orange) for my shower, so that I could have the best of both: There was pink punch with gold-sugared rimmed glasses, and bright pink and orange ribbons on every table, with floating candles and candies to match. Plus, my cupcake wish came true when I saw the tower that had every flavor you could think of.

And the presents didn’t stop! I hope my guests knew how grateful I was just at their presence, as they shared this special time with me.

Every detail was perfect and thoughtful. It was here that I decided to give my bridesmaids their gifts of earrings to compliment their dresses. I figured I would give them now instead of waiting until the traditional rehearsal dinner, so they had them ahead of time. I plan on giving them a make-up and hairstyle on me the day of, too.

Many thanks to the amazing women in my life: my mom, my brides-maids, and my future mother-in-law!

Was your shower even better than you imagined? What special touches made it so amazing?

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