Bride-to-Be Blogger: Meet Heather

With only four months left before the Big Day, local bride Heather is sharing her planning joys and woes with the rest of us.

My fiance Michael and I each grew up in South Jersey, but we’ve both traveled and lived all over the world. But as you know, something always brings you back home! We met at Tir Na Nog, at a friend’s birthday party. We had our first date at Little Fish, and our first kiss on the Kiss-Cam at a Flyers game. We live in Queen Village now and love the neighborhood. I’m a teacher and commute to South Jersey everyday; he is in sales and has a crazy schedule.

From the minute we got engaged, I wish I would’ve listened to what people said and enjoyed it more, but it seemed the planning had already begun! My mom and I are planning the wedding together, and though it’s been a ton of work, we’re about half-way there. She is especially a big help because we have very expensive taste, but not a big budget. She is the Research Queen, seeing things in magazines or on the many wedding reality shows we watch and then finds it cheaper or recreates it: I want a Maria Elena headpiece, but I don’t have a grand to spend; she’ll find the same look, cheaper. I can’t throw birdseed or have bubbles at our church; she’s making us “wedding wands.” (Our church is The Basilica of St. Peter and Paul, and they have many restrictions, but it’s one of the most beautiful churches in the city and I visited 12 of them!)

Our reception is at the Atrium at the Curtis Center, which is, in my biased opinion, the coolest spot I’ve seen around. We wanted something that was elegant but didn’t scream ballroom, and this is different, but classy, ”just like Philly”and it’s catered by Cescaphe, who is known for their top-rate food and service.

We’ve got a rocking band lined up called Don’t Call Me Francis. (We went to see many showcases of traditional bands, but in the end we wanted a fun band.) I modeled for years and worked with a great photographer, Phil Kramer, who now shoots weddings. His work is unbelievable, and he takes the kind of pictures that you would see in a magazine ad. We’ve also got a great florist, Il Fiore Bianco.

Right now, I’m actually off to the beach in Miami for my bachelorette weekend, but when I return the rest of the planning will continue: We’re at the four-month countdown.

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